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So nothing further to install or dork with. Just throw it at the ground and plug it in: Done. No cassette to install, no legs to assemble, and hopefully no foam to clean-up.

On the underside of the legs are two feet, in case your floor is wobbly. I found that I needed to extend them slightly, just so the trainer actually rests on them, versus the larger legs.

That made it nice and stable:. In theory this keeps it from breaking the trainer power port if you trip over it and rip it out. These show the state of your trainer.

But most of this all boils down to two core methods:. ERG Mode: Setting a specific power level — i. In this mode, no matter what gearing you use, the trainer will simply stay at w or whatever you set it to.

Wattage is not hard-set, only incline levels. The second mode the trainer has is ERG mode. In that case, the company claims up to 2,w of resistance at 40KPH.

The pros would only be just a bit beyond that. One core test I do with all trainers though is responsiveness: How quickly does it respond to ERG mode changes?

My brain can only turn off so much of that. Still, much of the road-like feel is driven by the flywheel, and be it physical or virtual, flywheel sizes tend to be measured in weight.

This impacts inertia and how it feels — primarily when you accelerate or otherwise change acceleration such as briefly coasting.

All that prefacing done, the Direto XR is in the same realm as the Flux 2 in terms of road feel, though the Flux 2 has a larger flywheel.

Elite says that the increase of flywheel weight from 4. So you have to balance that aspect in there. Still, I think most people will be good with it.

No issues with overheating or anything else there. And as for sound? I cover it within my video at the top of the page. By applying resistance control, apps can simulate climbs as well as set specific wattage targets.

Read tons about it here. For me, in my testing, I used Zwift and TrainerRoad as my two main apps which are the two main apps I use personally.

I dig into the nuances of these both within the power accuracy section. Starting with Zwift, you can see the Direto XR listed as not just a controllable trainer, but also within the regular power meter and cadence section.

As far as calibration goes, you can complete it easily from most apps — including TrainerRoad and Zwift. For example, here it is doing the spin-down within TrainerRoad on an iPad:.

Super easy. Finally, Elite does have their own app that you can use for a handful of functions, but frankly I had no use for it here at any point in the testing cycle.

And technically, there are two apps here. The first is their Elite My E-Training app, which you can do calibrations from within:. This allows you to do firmware updates of the trainer.

Simply crack it open and let it search for nearby trainers:. In any case, assuming there is an update, the process usually only takes about mins, super quick and super easy.

This means it can match up to an external power meter to provide more finite control of the trainer.

As usual, I put the trainer up against a number of power meters to see how well it handled everything from resistance control accuracy, to speed of change, to any other weird quirks along the way.

This is all in addition to the trainer itself. In Zwift you get variability by having the road incline change and by being able to instantly sprint.

This reaction time and accuracy are both tested here. First is how quickly it responds to the commands of the application. So for that, we need to actually look at the overlay from TrainerRoad showing when it sent the command followed by when the Direto XR achieved that level.

A Base power accuracy: Is the power measurement aspect correct? B Power Responsiveness: How quickly can it achieve a given set point e.

So, looking at the Direto XR, the simple answer to all of those is: Pretty darn good in most cases. For example, on responsiveness, it was taking about seconds to go from w to w, pretty consistently.

The next bit is stability. In the case of the above workout, it was after doing 90 mins of relatively hard riding. So I was a little bit shot. So some of the intervals I was a little bit less stable than others.

In that case, those were pretty darn smooth. As always for ERG mode, I used the smaller ring in the front chainring as recommended by trainer company and app company, as it helps control flywheel speed.

But in this case I found that keeping it on the upper half made a big difference in the power stability how much it wobbles. So what about actual power accuracy then?

Meaning — how does it compare to other power meters? I normally would have a third data point, but for that set I was having issues with the SRM X pedals I was running, so I excluded it from the set.

Since then, those issues have been resolved. Because, longer is better — right? At the lower recovery intervals they were slightly further apart, whereas at the upper work intervals the gap was closer about 5w on w.

And in this interval there were short w intervals built into each set, and those handled quite nicely actually for all of them.

Also, looking at cadence briefly — I do see a handful of calculation dropouts here. Meaning, I suspect this is an algorithm based error rather than interruption based dropout, because I was recording on multiple devices and the power never dropped out part of the same channel , on any devices.

This was a crit race on the new Zwift Paris course, and so you can see the constant ups and downs of it. Yet, despite that, this and the two other power meters are virtually glued together.

It really is impressive. These are all crazy close together, especially considering how quickly and dramatically the power is shifting.

Same goes for whatever little I had left in the tank basically, nothing for a sprint to the finish:. Cadence meanwhile, is mostly very good.

But be mindful of the scale of this particular graph here. Very small amounts, largely within the accuracy claims of the various units.

You can use it as well, more details here. What about within the Elite product lineup? The only problem? The Elite Direto XR is somewhat the equivalent of a trainer graduating up from high school to university.

The Direto product series has always been the mid-range offering, but with the increases in power, inertia, and ERG mode control — it effectively becomes a freshman college student.

Instead, Elite cuts the price and adds a cassette — making it far more accessible with very few trade-offs. So what are the unknowns? We saw stumbles with the Suito last year in that realm, though not with the Direto X.

That kinda makes sense because the Suito was new-new, whereas the Direto X was basically just a slightly revamped Direto.

But again, only time will tell. The ERG mode accuracy is crispier than in the past, which Elite says comes from improved algorithms around the newer flywheel size.

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I see slow ERG response as the only downside of my trainer. Most times things like that are tuned specifically to the weight of the flywheel, so with the change in the flywheel weight, my bet is that it throws off the algorithms.

ELITE: we are going to start to do tests soon to verify. A definite reply during the month of September. Stay tuned. Tks Peter. Links from the accessoires list link need to be fixed, they link the review itself, not the item on Amazon.

Hmm, good catch. Appreciate it! Just to be clear — If you click on the description link it cycles back to the article. If you click on the word Amazon in the next column it goes to the correct product page.

And H3? With the cadence sensor they can offer pedaling anlysis, why not include it with the top of the range trainer… pedaling analysis out of the box would give them a differentiator.

And those that do really want it, probably already have a cadence sensor floating around. I used the same wording I had for that table on my Direto X review, so it carried over.

I note the fact that in ERG mode it is advisable to shift to a small ring at front and towards the hub at the back. I too have found this best on my trainer Kickr Core fwiw , can anyone explain to me why this is the case?

The bigger ring in the front makes the flywheel go faster, which makes it harder for the trainer to control resistance on a dime. So by going into the small ring, you reduce the speed, which in turn makes it easier to control.

Good call! Thankfully Elite is standardized on power adapter bricks, so mentally I know that one. But yeah, gotta add a picture of it for sure!

And presumably the Zumo is long dead. I have one which seems to work really well for me, has kept me sane through lockdown and done k on Zwift in that time, but too much overlap with Suito?

Bought these ones last summer: link to awin1. Funny sidenote, I semi-standardized on the Fizik shoes because they matched my road bike frame.

I like the metal dropout spacers…. Though, it also sounded like that last November. Well, I live in Seattle and I am training so I can make it to the corner from my house without walking.

Post-ride analysis works best as long as your power meter supports Crash Dynamics. Ray, is the difference to Gen1 Direto noticeable enough to justify an upgrade?

I think upgrading a V1 to this might be a push unless you spend a lot of time in ERG mode. Do we know that for sure? That would be really surprising to me.

The whole reason I like zwift and bought the original Drivo was so that I could train with the proper simulated grade.

See — link to zwiftinsider. It is a neat feature to be able to dial it back. I figure 8. I finished but it was not pretty. I would not have finished without giving myself extra gearing by dialing it down.

In Zwift the hills are the same. Lowering the trainer setpoint does not diminish the hills but essentially lowers the speed and gives more gearing options.

A foot climb is still a foot climb. How it feels is entirely up to the trainer. I suppose you did not open the unit up to compare but just in case… Any chance this XR may be less prone to belt breakage problems?

Not per the spec, though, they might have enough overlap within their existing extra pedaling metrics to make it work. Aaaand… maybe I should have read more of the comments first.

Elite never released any firmware update for the first Direto since it was more or less bug-free. It appears they prefer to have new features exclusively on newer devices even if they could be implemented for the old ones.

Garmin does it as well. But that would just push me to getting the H3. For the same money. So why not just get the better trainer? Aww… bummer. I have one of the original Direto models.

So ERG mode is key. The inability to evenly perform burst intervals of less than seconds means a lot of workouts are off the table unless I want to be really annoyed.

A bit OT but you show using the Elite Sterzo for the riser block and mention that you always use a riser. I assume the Sterzo is designed to level the bike when used with an Elite model trainer and c wheel.

What about when used with other brand trainers? Seems a bit hit or miss between brands. How do you feel about spending hours in the saddle on an trainer without a riser?

Doing so means simulating a slight downhill ride. Or a riser too tall means a slight uphill slope. Some trainers are designed to be used with or without a front wheel riser.

The key is to partially ignore that and simply measure the axle height from the ground to the rear axle. First option and common recommendation is to have the front axle level with the rear axle.

It works for many, but I and others find that the level setup leads to more pressure on the hands and arms. I do this to alter the weight distribution and shift the rider weight slightly rearward.

The reason I do this is a faux proxy that is meant to replace the backward push we experience when riding outside, from wind resistance.

That wind resistance causes a rearward push against our torso in particular, and I suspect leads to a related weight distribution shift. My high front axle trick can lead to a similar shift, and works to relieve pressure on many rides I have shared this trick.

It does not work for everyone, because some still prefer flat setups, but it is worth a simple test, especially if you are experiencing issues with your bike inside that is comfortable outside.

Leveled on the trainer was nose down on the road. Plus I went looking for a new saddle because long intervals on the trainer were getting uncomfortable.

The presumption is a bike that you are comfortable with and have no problems while riding outside, and then taking it inside.

Level axles on that setup may result in overloading on the hands and arms. If so, my suggestion is to test with front axle higher.

Testing it only takes seconds to apply with wood, books, wheel riser, etc. As to saddle comfort on the saddle, that leads into my other recommendation, which is a rocker plate.

There is nothing natural about locking a bike vertically like done on most trainers. Contrary to popular belief, we are not perfectly stable or vertical when riding a bike outside.

Some short rides and riders can get away with no motion. But longer rides, especially ones at lower power levels can lead to saddle pains that are often addressed with rocker plates and the like.

Worth a consideration, and the hack trick to try is some extra thick foam padding excercise mats, firm foam sponges, etc under the support feet of the trainer, to allow some leaning motion.

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